How to create an ECG and send it to VeriCardia

Create your ECG

VeriCardia is compatible with any cardiac system capable of creating an ECG in PDF format. To generate PDF in other applications or devices please see device specific user manual.

Share your ECG with VeriCardia

Once you create your ECG send it to VeriCardia for review.
  • Option 1: Share from ECG generating apps
Most apps require you to complete the following steps to share your ECG.
  • Open your ECG generating app
  • Select the ECG that you wish to have reviewed
  • Click on the share icon
  • SKIP password protect PDF button (if applicable)
  • Select the VeriCardia app icon to share your ECG. We will take it from there!
  • Option 2: Share from phone storage
If you have your ECG stored as a PDF file in your phone storage then follow these steps.
  • Open VeriCardia
  • Tap "Send your ECG for immediate review" button
  • Tap "Share ECG from phone storage" button
  • In a file browser select a PDF file with your ECG