How to create an ECG and send it to VeriCardia

Set up the Health App

  • Open the Health App on your iPhone.
  • Follow the onscreen steps. If you don't see a prompt to set up, tap the Browse tab, then tap Heart > Electrocardiograms (ECG) > Set Up ECG App.
  • After you complete set up, open the ECG app on your Apple Watch to create an ECG.

Create an ECG

  • Make sure that your Apple Watch is snug and on the wrist that youselected in the Apple Watch app. To check, open the Apple Watch app, tap the My Watch tab, then go to General > Watch Orientation.
  • Open the ECG app on your Apple Watch.
  • Rest your arms on a table or in your lap.
  • With the hand opposite your watch, hold your finger on the DigitalCrown. You don't need to press the Digital Crown during the session.
  • Wait. The recording takes 30 seconds. At the end of the recording, you will receive a classification, then you can tap Add Symptoms andchoose your symptoms.
  • Tap Save to note any symptoms, then tap Done.

Share your ECG with VeriCardia

Once you create your ECG send it to VeriCardia for review.
  • Using Apple Health app
  • Open the Health app.
  • Tap the Browse tab, then tap Heart > Electrocardiograms (ECG).
  • Tap the chart for your ECG result.
  • Tap the Share button on the top right of the screen to share the ECG (PDF file).
  • Select VeriCardia app on the list of applications.
  • VeriCardia will start and your ECG will be automatically attached.