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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and ECG measurement

July 19, 2021

Good news, Android users! Samsung has recently released a watch capable of reading your ECG results! Last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave clearance for widespread user availability of this Electrocardiogram Monitor App to let the user measure their heart rhythm for irregularities – the Galaxy Watch 3! So what made this revolutionary step possible?

Advanced Sensory Technology

Inside this sleek design is an advanced sensor made to perform several health checks with the Galaxy Watch 3, including the ECG reading. Previously, no one built this technology into any of Samsung's products. But after plenty of testing, the FDA deemed everything that the developers at Samsung did with their Advanced Sensory Technology to be safe for public use. Thanks to this revolutionary development, the Galaxy Watch 3 can measure and analyze your heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation irregularities.

How to perform an ECG test on the Samsung Galaxy Watch3?

Unfortunately, to use the ECG reader in your Galaxy Watch 3, you will need to pair your watch with a Samsung phone. From there, you will be able to take your ECG reading by following these directions:

• Take a seat in a comfortable chair
• Ensure your Galaxy Watch 3 is snugly attached to your wrist
• Find a smooth, sturdy surface to relax your arm on
• Open the ECG reader on your Galaxy Watch 3
• Use a fingertip to start the reader by pressing the top button
• Let the ECG reader do the rest!

From there, the ECG reader will record your heartbeat and detect any possible issues that you are experiencing (whether they are actively hurting you or slowly building up). But how can you read what the ECG reader is telling you? By downloading the VeriCardia application!

How can I share my ECG to the VeriCardia app?

Now that the Galaxy Watch 3 can create ECG readings, you will need to download a reliable application that can translate your results for you. This is where VeriCardia comes in! When you send your ECG reading to us through the application, one of our board-certified cardiologists will read it and send you a report with their findings within minutes! So how do you navigate the ECG submission process?

• Create the PDF in your Galaxy Watch 3
• Submit your PDF to VeriCardia
• One of our board-certified cardiologists will receive and review your ECG result
• The cardiologist will send you a full report breaking down your ECG results within minutes!

It is that easy!

Thanks to the revolutionary work done by Samsung on the Galaxy Watch 3 and the minds behind the VeriCardia application, everyone now has easy access to ECG results and readings. These advancements will help everyone stay on top of their heart health because of how easy it is to obtain these products. As you are all well aware, your heart is the central system that keeps everything in your body operating properly. Without the ability to stay on top of your heart health, it is easy to fall into bad routines that will endanger your ability to live your whole life.