VeriCardia App

Privacy and health information

February 04, 2021

Do you have concerns about protecting your privacy and health information when using mobile health apps such as VeriCardia? 

What is HIPPA?

Here at VeriCardia, our doctors take great pride in maintaining full confidentiality of our patient’s health information. Our responsibility to protect your privacy applies just as much during online telemedicine visits as it does for in-person visits to the doctor’s office. Medical ethics, state laws, and HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) require that physicians and their medical staff maintain full confidentiality of your medical records. This means that we will never release your personal health information to anyone else, unless you specifically request it. 

How is VeriCardia keeping my information safe? 

VeriCardia has taken several steps to ensure the confidentiality of all patient medical records. VeriCarida has never, and will never, sell patient data to third parties. The VeriCardia platform does not support advertising, and we follow strict rules to avoid possible conflicts of interest. The VeriCardia app is compliant with HIPAA standards. Our secure login process ensures that the personal health data on your profile is only accessible to you. When you exit the application, you are immediately logged out so that no one else can access your information on the VeriCardia app. You can read more about our privacy policy here (link). 

Your data in the VeriCardia app is safe

At VeriCardia, we believe that the foundation of high-quality medical care is patient trust in their physicians. It is very important to us that our users can trust our doctors, even though they are meeting through an online platform. When you use the VeriCardia ECG interpretation service, or when you book a virtual consultation with a VeriCardia physician, you can feel confident that your information is safe and secure.